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15 May 2024

General Updates and Optimizations
  • Graphics: Now, information about which referee is on the mat is sent for graphics 
  • Scoreboard display: Resolved issue with displayed logo and added all country flags.
  • Timeblocks: Addition timeblocks added: Draw, Opening ceremony, Golden score and Other.


09 May 2024

General Updates and Optimizations
  • Graphics: Now, information about which referee is on the mat is sent for graphics 
  • Team Competition: Fixed an issue where only three teams were participating in the competition.
  • Individual competition: Fixed an issue where only three competitiors were participating in the competition.
  • Enable the presence of multiple identical seedings in a category. An alerts is now displayed if a seed with the same number is already on the list.
  • Improved the transfer of all countries flags during synchronization and competition selection.
  • Expanded “Number” Field in Referees tab for better usability.
  • Medal report Correction
  • Fixed issues with the classification feature.


15 April 2024

General Updates and Optimizations
  • You no longer need the internet to install the Judo Manager Application as the installation includes .NET components. This simplifies and speeds up the installation process.
  • The corrected result of the fight is on the PDF contest order (double repechage, size 16 athletes, IJF reports, repechage final had wrong points for winners).
  • The corrected date on the Time blocks and date on the Age categories on the Competition tab.
  • Draw Animation: In the draw animation module, the option ‘Show seeded together’ has been added.
  • Various optimizations have been made for better and faster program performance.
  • Users can download and install this version using the standard procedure.


28 March 2024

General Updates and Optimizations
  • Fixed notification window size.
  • Notification window size adjustment.
  • Fixed AIN flag affecting display in Scoreboard Display module.
  • Fixed scaling issue in Scoreboard module (Button overlap over text).
  • Fixed focus on ‘Yes’ button in Scoreboard module.
  • Fixed Statistics functionality.


22 January 2024

General Updates and Optimizations

New: Contest Planning:

  • Introduced a new “Contest Planning” feature for easier competition planning. (Sort)


  • Sort ranking


19 December 2023

General Updates and Optimizations

Clean Data & Fetch Optimization:

  • Implemented optimizations to improve the performance speed of Clean Data & Fetch functionality.
  • Added a button for manual refresh of Rankings.

Installation of .NET Desktop Runtime:

  • Automatic installation of .NET Desktop Runtime during the installation process.

PDF Optimization:

  • Increased operational efficiency when working with PDFs.
  • Correctly named exports of PDF reports.

Bug Fixes

Adding Status to Multiple Persons:

  • Fixed an issue when adding statuses to multiple persons simultaneously.

User Interface

Unified Select Competition Window:

  • Unified list for selecting competitions with the display of local or server-based competitions.
  • Automatically refreshes and displays competitions in the desired time period when selecting a date.

Automatic Data Refresh:

  • When selecting a date in the competition selection list, competitions are automatically refreshed and displayed in the selected time period.

Accreditation Module

Unconfirm Functionality:

  • New “Unconfirm” functionality for better control over accreditation confirmation.
  • The module is unified with entries in Judo Manager.
  • Issues resolved and new features added to Accreditations.
  • Added the option to upload images for competitors, judges, delegates, etc.

Module Communication

Communication Upgrade:

  • Improved communication between modules for greater efficiency and faster operation.

Additional Features

Upload Competitor Image:

  • Added the option to upload an image of a competitor, judge, or delegation member from the JM program.

Data Replacement on Reports:

  • Fixed an issue with replacing data displayed on reports.

New: Contest Planning:

  • Introduced a new “Contest Planning” feature for easier competition planning.
  • Added a new feature in the registration tab. Option to add a new “Ranking” column.

Functionality for Team Competitions:

  • In team competitions, only options for team competition are displayed in the results.
  • Added functionality for editing teams, including changing team colors.

Fight Count Calculation:

  • Added functionality for calculating the number of fights.


  • New appearance for accreditations.
  • Added functionality to display the place in the overall standings.
  • Added the option to create Accreditations in A6 format.

  • Added a new option for judges to be drawn without avoidance.


Other Minor Updates:

  • Various minor updates and improvements for a better user experience.
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